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Exporum Inc. ("Compan" or "Exporum") complies with the privacy regulations under relevant laws and regulations such as the Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection Act, the Personal Information Protection Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, and is doing its best to protect user rights. This personal information handling policy applies to services provided by the X Forum and contains the following.

1. Collected Items and methods of collecting personal information

A. Items of personal information to be collected
First, in order to sign up for membership, smooth customer counseling, and provide various services, the company collects the following minimum personal information as mandatory items at the time of initial membership registration.
[Collection items]
Name, ID, password, name, gender, age, residence, mobile phone, email reception, and other selection information.

Second, the following information can be automatically generated and collected during the service use process or business processing process. IP Address, Cookies, Date and Date of Visit, Service Usage Record, Bad Usage Record

Third, the following information can only be collected by users of the service in the process of using additional and customized services or applying for events using the Exproum ID.(Consent is obtained for additional collection of personal information)

2. Method of collecting personal information

The company collects personal information in the following ways.
Homepage, written form, fax, phone, counseling bulletin board, e-mail, event application, delivery request

Provision from the partner company.
Collecting generated information through a tool for collecting generated information collection

2. Purpose of collecting and using personal information.

A. Member management
Identification, personal identification, prevention of illegal use of defective members, confirmation of intention to sign up, confirmation of consent from legal representatives when collecting personal information of children under the age of 14, preservation of records, complaints, and withdrawal.

B. Developing new services and using them for marketing advertisements
Developing new services and providing customized services, providing services and posting advertisements according to statistical characteristics, verifying the validity of services, providing events and advertising information and providing opportunities to participate, identifying access frequency, and statistics on members' service use.

3. Period of retention and use of personal information

In principle, the user's personal information is destroyed without delay when the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved. However, the following information is preserved for the period specified for the following reasons.

A. Reasons for holding information according to the company's internal policy.
Reasons for preserving fraudulent use records: Prevention of fraudulent use
Preservation period : 1 year.

B. Reasons for holding information under relevant laws and regulations.
If it is necessary to preserve it in accordance with the provisions of related laws, such as the Commercial Act, the Consumer Protection Act in e-commerce, etc., the company stores member information for a certain period of time prescribed by the relevant laws. In this case, the company uses the information it keeps only for the purpose of its storage, and the preservation period is as follows.
Reasons for preserving records on withdrawal of contracts or subscriptions: Prevention of fraudulent use
Preservation period: 1 year.

Reasons for preserving records on payment and supply of goods, etc.: Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, etc.
Preservation period : 5 years.

Reasons for preserving records on electronic financial transactions: Electronic Financial Transactions Act
Preservation period : 5 years

Reasons for preserving records on consumer complaints or disputes: Consumer Protection Act in e-commerce, etc.
Preservation period : 3 years.

Reasons for preserving records on identity verification: Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.
Preservation period : 6 months.

Reasons for preserving website visit records: Communications Secret Protection Act
Preservation period : 3 months.

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